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Where to begin, I spent the last five years as a Cardio-Vascular Surgical Technologist. As much as I love the surgical suite, it's time to grow professionally. I am currently completing my education with the University of Texas for Full Stack Web Developement. Here is a couple of the Projects I have made so far.



Thank you for taking the time to check out my portfolio. I can be reached by phone at (737)356-1554. Feel free to click below to check out my Linkedin and Github repositories. Or just click the mail to send me a message.

365 Weather App

365 Weather App

365Weather is a mobile friendly weather app that provides daily forecasts. I used the OpenWeather API to provide the weather data. I also utilized Google Maps API to provide the geolocation data for the Weather API to process

My First Refactor

Image of a webpage

This page was just a simple refactor of an existing codebase. It has no functionality and its not much of a "portfolio worthy" repository, but it was my first real experience with web development, so I feel attached to it. I learned a lot about how to make a page more accessible. I also learned about search engine optimization in the process.

Reel Good Movies

Gif of Reel Good App

This was my very first group project. I learned a lot about what its like to work together on a repository. We utilized 2 APIs to connect your movie and television search results to what services they are streaming on. You can also save things you plan on watching or save your favorites.

Planet Hopper

Gif of planet hopper

This was my second time working with a small group. Planet Hopper is a text-based adventure game that utilizes AI-generated NPC characters to create a unique experience for each player, every time. No one had ever created a game that used artificial intelligence in this way. Planet Hopper pushes the boundaries of traditional gaming while paying homage to the classics. I couldn't be more greatful to be a part of this team. We came up with a combination of great ideas and in a weeks time we created a game that we are all proud of.